The Common Root of Unbelief in the Brothers of Jesus and the Jewish Crowds

David Platt on the Doctrine of Hell

by Jonathan Parnell | February 17, 2012

The doctrine of hell is important — and extremely unpopular.

In this episode of Theology Refresh, David Platt talks about the priority of God’s word as we approach this doctrine and faithfully serve the gospel in light of its reality.

Platt explains that hell is the manifestation that our sin against an infinitely holy God warrants infinitely eternal punishment. Moreover, when we minimize the reality of hell, we actually malign the mercy of God — because central to the fact of hell is that it is escapable. Jesus has endured the wrath of God on our behalf so that all who trust in him will be delivered from God’s wrath and brought into fellowship with him forever.

Stream or download the 13-minute audio.

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I was 23 years old, and already a few years into a fog of doubt and confusion that was slowly suffocating me. I was not unaware of my situation, but my diagnosis was way off the mark. To be sure, I knew that I had “lost my faith,” but I didn’t understand why.


Let’s Be Rich Toward God

Sex, Marriage & Fairytales

Jefferson Bethke, the writer and creator of Why I hate religion but love Jesus has come out with another video - Sex, Marriage & Fairytales - which addresses some of the most pervasive problems in the church and it comes just in time for the release of Mark Driscoll’s new #1 New York Times Best Seller, Real Marriage.

"You say it is heresy to speak of the Holy Scriptures in English. You call me a heretic because I have translated the Bible into the common tongue of the people. Do you know whom you blaspheme? Did not the Holy Ghost give the Word of God at first in the mother-tongue of the nations to whom it was addressed? Why do you speak against the Holy Ghost? You say that the Church of God is in danger from this book. How can that be? Is it not from the Bible only that we learn that God has set up such a society as a Church on the earth? Is it not the Bible that gives all her authority to the Church? Is it not from the Bible that we learn who is the Builder and Sovereign of the Church, what are the laws by which she is to be governed, and the rights and privileges of her members? Without the Bible, what charter has the Church to show for all these? It is you who place the Church in jeopardy by hiding the Divine warrant, the missive royal of her King, for the authority she wields and the faith she enjoins"

— John Wycliffe (via jtmoody)

(via jtmoody-deactivated20120824)

Proclaiming God’s Preeminence
By John MacArthur at Grace To You

Proclaiming God’s Preeminence

By John MacArthur at Grace To You